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KRS Capital Management, LLC is focused on assisting high net worth families and individuals in the management of their financial assets. We recognize that each client is unique and therefore work closely with our clients to provide individualized services that are formulated emphasizing client guidance and participation. Tailoring services to concentrate on aspects of investment management that are important to our clients financial future is an important feature of our company. Using judgment from a background of 30 years of financial experience across the United States and Europe supports an investment management firm focused on individual securities advancing long-term growth trends on a global perspective. Finally, developing trust with every client through frequent communication is a mission we work toward every day.

Investment Approach

Investing for individual clients in a volatile and often confusing environment requires flexibility and a strong ability to adapt to changing international developments. Having the experience and training necessary to deal with unexpected events has now become an essential element to all long term investment strategies. KRS Capital seeks to build and manage portfolios that endure tough global challenges is part of every investment plan and strategy we construct for our clients.

We focus on individual companies when building diversified portfolios for our clients. Our long held belief is that the best way to control investment risk and position portfolios for positive performance is by investing in quality companies that are industry leaders. We know from experience that our odds of success improve significantly if we invest in industry leaders that have the capacity to increase dividends and earnings consistently. In addition, we look to a collection of smaller capitalization companies producing goods and services that are innovative and produce products that improve our lives. The key task of an investment manager is to make sound long-term judgments based on fundamental factors and objective valuation criteria.

We also understand through persistent diversification we gain a long-term advantage to "hang in there" when markets become volatile and precarious. Striving to stay focused on investment tenants that we can control and manage successfully is central to our investment approach. We believe researching predictable long-term demographic trends influence investor success far more than short-term market timing techniques. As we see it, the best prospects for investment success is by owning shares of companies which are able to increase their earnings more rapidly than the cost of living.

Our realistic optimism is built upon the belief that great companies will be rewarded in the United States and other emerging markets if they are good businesses making productive assets that more and more people need to lead a better life. Having optimism or confidence that basic investment tenets still remain relevant in the current environment is the foundation and support that drives us every day.