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Taper and Move On

I understand it is asking a lot, but my wish this week is for the Federal Reserve to gut it up and start withdrawing from the bond purchase program ASAP. I am really tired of listening to numerous economists opine about the Fed minutes and Jackson Hole assemblage to provide some Sherlock Holmes like discovery that the listener and investors can’t figure out on their own. Personally, I believe the longer the Fed allows the market to meander along without a decision the more harmful it could be on market stability and behavior.

As we approach the Labor Day holiday we will again be prone to news headlines about Syria, China economic data, and the dreaded taper talk. Let’s hope there is some amazing unexpected merger announcement to digest this week because left to our own devices we will likely just limp along without much reaction up or down. Amgen announcing a deal to buy Onyx Pharmaceuticals is a good start. Hopefully, a few more could add an unexpected spark.

One group that I think represents good current value is the energy sector. While the energy stocks as a sector were big winners several years ago they haven’t actually been on anyone’s favorite buy list for quite some time. Growth stocks don’t always have to come from technology and consumer discretionary sectors. Energy stocks that can deliver new reserves from exciting new discoveries can deliver growth that can push exploration and production companies higher along with their energy service compadres. Growth is growth. And, I believe investors will buy good energy companies if they believe their growth is durable and consistent. Finally, as the temperature continues to rise around Syria, I expect oil prices to stay stubbornly high through the end of the year.

So, during this last week of August I will look for opportunities to pounce on good values that come along and trim where it is necessary.

It’s gonna be a long Monday
Sittin’all alone on a mountain
By a river that has no end
It’s gonna be a long Monday
Stuck like the tick of a clock
That’s come unwound—again
And again

Free lunch to the first to recognize the singer and album from one of my favorite performers!

Have a great week and do something nice for someone. It will make your day.

Roger N. Steed

August 26, 2013


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